A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Portarius is a 2D adventure puzzle.

Leave your compass at home, because here down under, only intuition will help you!

Portarius is a 2D adventure-puzzle, where you control a small spaceship equipped with a teleport gun. Solve physics puzzles, maneuver through portals and respond quickly to the deadly obstacles on your way.

You are the central character of the game, and must solve physical puzzles by opening portals. You can maneuver objects around the room and move yourself through space that would normally be impossible in real life. This game is played in 2D space, and is simply to learn, making it available to all ages and levels of gameplay.

Players enter a science-fictional type of world where you are captain of a interplanet ship on a critical mission - patch planet's core. You must shoot with portal gun within the room to open up new portals to escape.

Each room is completely different, and as you achieve new levels, the game play becomes increasing more rapid and difficult. The worlds discovered in Portarius consist of wide range of environments including: earth, water, mechanisms, ice and fire.

Much of real-life physics will still come into play, thanks to the real-time physics engine. You'll want to stay accident-free during journey to the core of the planet and avoid threats and death.


Portarius_0.2.Mac.x64.zip 30 MB
Portarius_0.2.Win.x86.zip 31 MB

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